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Cracking The Keto Diet Meal Plan Secret

The keto diet meal plan is one of the most popular diets today. Many of us follow the keto diet to lose weight and improve our physique effe...

The keto diet meal plan is one of the most popular diets today. Many of us follow the keto diet to lose weight and improve our physique effectively. Others use keto diets to treat illnesses, especially treat and reverse type 2 diabetes.

However, if you are a newbie and are starting out on a keto diet meal plan, you need to have a complete understanding of it. Is the keto diet suitable for everyone? Where should you start with the keto diet and how does it work? How will the keto diet help your body? To help you answer the above questions and understand “everything” about the keto diet, why don’t we all explore all through the following article.

What is a keto diet meal plan?

Firstly, what is keto? Keto stands for “Keep Eating The Fat Off”. Keep eating fat? So, isn’t the keto diet a high-fat diet?

The keto diet has many similarities with the low-carb diet. That is the reduction of the amount of carbohydrates (carb) to the minimum (about 5% carbohydrates of the total food consumed). This carb reduction is compensated by a higher fat consumption. And do not worry too much that fat is the culprit causing being overweight! What is the truth? Keep reading to explore the principle of this keto diet meal plan.

The principle of the keto diet meal plan

When we participate in the keto diet, we need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates from food to the lowest level, which will cause our body to burn off the stored glucose. Then, it will need more energy to keep functioning, it will be forced to burn it from your fat.

Let me explain more clearly for you to understand:

Everything in the universe needs the energy to work, and we humans are no exception. Energy is supplied by our bodies through eating. And our typical meal is 50% carbohydrates, 20% fat and 30% protein. carbohydrates have always been the most favorite energy source of our body! And the carbohydrates that enter our body will form glucose as the body’s energy source. However, if you are inactive, the excess glucose will be circulated to the liver that is called glycogen. The adult liver only stores glycogen from 100 to 120 grams. So glucose that is not stored will turn into fat in the form of excess fat. And that is the cause of obesity.

Through this, I also want to emphasize that don’t mistakenly think that fat is the cause of weight gain!

So what about the keto diet meal plan? On the ketogenic diet, you only need to eat 1/10 of the normal carb, which is 5% carbohydrates, and 25% protein and 70% fat. Are you surprised that the amount of fat increased so much?

And all have their own reason:

Even if you sit idle all day, read stories or watch movies, with 5% carbohydrates, the amount of glucose for energy is not enough for you! You need to remember that humans are the most horrible energy expenditure machine, even when you think, you eat or your metabolism is going on, it ‘consumes’ energy.

So when you eat fewer carbohydrates, that means less glucose in the body. If the energy runs out, the body forces the liver to make fat-based ketones. These ketones are an alternative fuel source for glucose in our bodies! And fat is continuously burned 24/7 to energize our bodies, and at the same time give us a feeling of fullness, limiting our eating and drinking compared to carbohydrates.

Thus, with 70% fat replacing normal carbohydrates, we not only keep the body feeling full for longer, but the continuous fat burning will help us stay energized and weight loss also becomes better and more effective.

Keto diet meal plan — Types of food you SHOULD EAT

In the keto diet, the ketogenic diet foods you should eat to be effective are:

  • Meat: Choose organic meats, such as grass-fed beef. Usually, unprocessed meat is low in carbohydrates and suitable for a keto diet meal plan. But you need to keep in mind, keto is a high-fat, not high-protein diet. Therefore, you don’t need to consume too much meat. The excess protein turns them into glucose and makes ketosis more difficult!
  • Fish and Seafood: All fish and seafood are suitable for the keto diet meal plan. Specifically, you can choose fatty fish like salmon for your ketogenic diet meal!
  • Eggs: Boiled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes,… all egg dishes are considered excellent for keto diets.
  • Natural fats: Calories in the keto diet come from fat, so choose healthy fats and oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil,…
  • Vegetables: Choose low-carb vegetables, which are mostly green vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers and cauliflower…
  • Cheese: Choose unprocessed cheese.
  • Nuts: such as almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds,…. especially cashew…

For inspiration, you can check out our Deliciously Easy Keto Recipes to know how to make a good keto meal plan.

Keto diet meal plan — Types of food you SHOULD AVOID

Besides the foods you should add to the keto diet meal plan, there are also foods that we should avoid when we are getting acquainted with the keto. So, please follow a list of these foods to avoid right away!

As defined, the keto diet is the choice of fat instead of carbohydrates. So, what you need to avoid in keto diets are foods high in carbohydrates, sugars and starches. For example, when it comes to the keto diet, you should choose for yourself 5% of the energy comes from carbohydrates, 15–25% comes from protein and 75% comes from fat.

Thus, the foods you need to get off the list according to your keto diet meal plan are:

  • Foods with sugar: such as soda water, fruit juice, smoothies, cakes, candy and ice cream, …
  • Grains or starches: they often contain a lot of carbohydrates such as wheat, rice, pasta and grains, …
  • Fruit: most fruits will have to say “goodbye” from this keto diet meal plan, however, there are a few exceptions such as berries: strawberries, blueberries,… and avocados.
  • Beans of all kinds: such as lentils, red beans, green beans, peas, …
  • Vegetables: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsley, …
  • Unhealthy fats: processed vegetable oils, mayonnaise.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is never considered a healthy food. Due to the high sugar content of alcohol, it may have impacts on your ketosis.

What do you understand about ketosis?

What is ketosis?

I have mentioned ketosis previously, but for an in-depth understand read what ketosis is?

Ketosis is simply a very normal metabolic process that brings many benefits to your bodies. During ketosis, our bodies convert fats into compounds called ketones and begin to use them as the primary source of energy instead of glucose.

With the keto diet meal plan, we promote ketosis for rapid weight loss and appetite suppression. In addition, ketosis is of great benefit to patients with type 2 diabetes and neurological disorders.

However, to achieve perfect ketosis, we don’t simply cut carbohydrates. You need to have a specific plan for this as well. Now, let’s discover together quick ways to reach ketosis!

The most effective way to help you achieve ketosis in the keto diet

Here are tips that can be seen as ways to help you easily achieve ketosis in your body without the need for supplements:

  • Reduce the amount of carbs below 20gr.
  • Maintain a moderate amount of protein: About 1.5 grams / 1 kilograms of body weight for 1 day. For example, you weigh 70 kilograms, which means you need 100 gram of protein in 1 day.
  • Try intermittent fasting: for 10–12 hours without food can help you get into ketosis quickly. (For example, you have breakfast at 7 a.m, and fast lunch, just drink water, then have dinner at 5:30 p.m)
  • Don’t be afraid to eat fat: following the keto diet means that you should not be afraid of fat. Choose healthy fats for your body
  • Cook with coconut oil: Coconut oil contains fatty acids, it can help increase the production of ketones and help protect brain health.
  • Exercise (if possible): when you’re in the process of transitioning to ketosis, you don’t have enough energy to do vigorous physical activity. However, if you can take a walk is also a way to help you reach ketosis fast!
  • Take enough sleep: On average, we need about 7 hours of sleep a night and manage stress. Lack of sleep increases stress hormones, while also raising blood sugar. So it will slow down your ketosis.

Those are the ways to help you get effective ketosis. And with ketosis, you don’t need expensive supplements like exogenous keto or MCT oil … Supplements usually won’t help you with weight loss or reverse illness. So, just apply all of the above in the most natural way!

Tips and tutorials with standard keto menu for newbies

Getting started with the keto is not hard, but you also need to prepare yourself with some basic skills and knowledge. And for the most part, we’ve been avoiding fat for many years now, so how can you be prepared to consume more fat according to keto diet standards?

Thus, to help you get started with your keto meal plan, let’s discover the following tips and guidelines below:

You can skip breakfast or start with a light one

We often hear that: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, when studies published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2009 have said that it is not true if you are following this keto diet.

We wake up and don’t feel hungry, we can willingly skip our breakfast or just start the day with a light cup of coffee. And that does not affect your effective way of losing weight. Reducing hunger is common with keto diets, so don’t worry if you want to skip any of your meals!

However, when you get hungry when you wake up for a short while, you can enjoy your breakfast on a tasty, full, and quick keto diet. You can try breakfast with 2 fried eggs with butter and 2 delicious slices of meat.

Variety of meals throughout the day with healthy fats

Wondering what you should eat tonight with your keto weight loss menu?

You can have simple meals of the day with meat, fish or chicken with a salad, or a salad with butter, cheese or a sprinkle of attractive olive oil…. To enrich your keto diet, you can refer to the Keto Video Recipes Options!

How to eat more fat?

Well, this is a big deal, isn’t it, everyone. Because for many decades, we have always believed that fat is the culprit causing weight gain. And then we are afraid of fat, limiting and avoiding fat in our diet.

However, now we can have knowledge of a variety of fats, including good fats and bad fats! So choose the good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) to help with our health!

And the main advice for you is to determine how much fat your body needs in a day and use healthy fats like olive oil and avocado with your meals. Besides, if you constantly feel hungry when starting with the keto diet, eat more fat!

Eat low-carb bread from almond flour

This is a food that most people on the keto diet should avoid. But don’t worry, there are so many low-carb breads you can use. Usually, these low-carb bread are made with almond flour.

You can go to parties and still follow the perfect keto diet

When you started with the keto diet, you avoided all the fun, didn’t you go to parties?

God, you should enjoy yourself at parties! And in order for enjoying and keto diet stick together, avoid starchy foods (such as plain bread, rice, pasta,…). Ask for natural fats like butter and olives.

=>If you need some tips to help you avoid gaining weight during the holiday season, read this useful article: 5 Tips to avoid weight gain over the holidays

Say goodbye to processed foods and don’t believe in “low-carbs” ads

You should not be fooled by misleading advertisements, especially with products labelled “LOW-CARBS”.

Remember that an effective keto diet meal plan for weight loss doesn’t include refined and industrially processed foods. And low-carbs products like chocolate, candy, pasta and bread are usually high in carbohydrates!

So those are the tips and advice for you when starting with the keto diet. But does the keto diet have any side effects?

Keto diet meal plan and frequently questions

After a long article introducing essential information about the keto diet meal plan for you. And now I’m going to give you some very reliable keto dietary information!

Discover more

You can learn more about keto and ketosis in the article What is ketosis — is it beneficial or not? (The article will explain in more detail ketosis and its benefits and drawbacks. To apply the keto diet meal plan, you can not miss this information).

Besides, you can discover the benefits of keto to our health in the article A Detailed Guide To The Benefits of Keto Diet.

Let’s discover questions and answers with the keto diet!

Here, let’s go to some of the most frequently asked questions when you started or did the keto diet meal plan!

How many kilograms will I lose when I apply the keto diet meal plan?

This result is not the same among others. But for the most, everyone will lose about 1–2 kilograms their first week when starting with the keto diet! This is mainly the weight of water. And after that, our bodies lose 0.5kg of excess fat per week. However, some people will lose more, mostly in young men. And some will be slower in those women over 40 years old.

And to lose weight quickly and effectively, you can put your body into the state of ketosis that we have learned above!

How can I track my carbohydrates?

If you use a sample recipe for the keto diet, you’ll need less than 20 grams of carbs per day and no need to track your carbohydrates. But when you plan your keto meal yourself, you need visualization and keto instructions to be able to estimate how much carbohydrates you need each day.

And if you want to calculate the exact amount of your carbohydrates, there are many apps that can help you, just choose the most suitable app for you! Or you can refer to many sources to personalize your keto diet meal plan.

What to do after reaching health and weight goals while following the keto diet meal plan?

When you eat a keto diet, when you’ve reached a normal body weight, your weight loss will slow down. And you can continue to follow the keto diet to maintain your health and weight results! However, at this point, you can add a little more carbohydrates to your body. The amount of carbohydrates is divided into 3 keto diet groups that I mentioned in this article.

However, you should note that, if you return to your old eating habits, your weight and health will gradually return to as before. This is completely understandable, it’s like we exercise. You need to practice regularly and persistently to benefit your health and weight more perfectly.

The bottom line

After a long article on the keto diet meal plan, I hope you can better understand what a keto diet is and tips for the keto diet. You can also have awareness on the foods you should eat and should avoid when following the keto diet! Starting now, try to experience your body with this keto diet meal plan. Let’s do it!


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