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A Detailed Guide To The Benefits of Keto Diet

Does the ketogenic diet seem new to you? Well, it must be but keto diet has been discovered in the 1920s but gained a foothold during the p...

Does the ketogenic diet seem new to you? Well, it must be but keto diet has been discovered in the 1920s but gained a foothold during the past few years when authenticated to provide various health benefits. 

It has captured the interest of people who are struggling with different diseases and increased weight. Keto diet helps to maintain blood glucose level and helps in weight loss. Is it true? Yes, it is.   

If you are considering following the keto diet and curious to know more about this weight loss tool, have a glimpse at another in-depth article on the keto diet. 

What is the ketogenic diet?

Like the Atkins diet, ketogenic is low carbs and high proteins diet. This form of diet supports the idea of getting more calories from fats and proteins instead of carbohydrates. 

You are supposed to cut most of the carbs obtained from soda, sugar, white bread or pastries.  

Though it may seem new, the keto diet is all about eating the food rich in fats. The daily breakdown of the fats, proteins and carbs in a typical keto diet is as follows;

  •     75% of calories from fats like butter, oil, unprocessed nuts etc.
  •     20% of calories from proteins that includes cheese, eggs, meat etc.
  •     5% of calories from carbs such as grains, beans, starchy or fibrous fruits and vegetables.

So once you start taking the high-fat diet, your body will show the transition into ketosis within three weeks.   

If you are a newbie in the diet, check out our keto recipes e-book here to help your body get to the track of weight loss.

How does it work?

Does the idea of weight loss through fat-rich food seem illogical? Usually, your diet is rich in carbohydrates, which split into the smaller glucose particles as a source of energy. 

As glucose runs through your blood, naturally insulin release in your body, which reserves excess glucose in the form of fats. 

Therefore, carbohydrates rich food produce more glucose. The high glucose level leads to the release of more insulin, and more insulin stores many fats. In short,

More Carbohydrates   ==>  More Glucose  ===>  More Insulin  ==> More Fats

The keto diet benefits you with the high fats and low carbs food which doesn't spike up the insulin level and increase fat store. Instead, when you eat a fat-rich diet, your body eventually runs out of the glucose's energy and consumes the stored fats. 

The fat breaks down into ketones and use them for the energy, which keeps your body from putting on extra weight. It must be noticed that the ketogenic diet focuses not only on weight loss, but it's a pursuit of health benefits.

Let's have a look at some of the proven health benefits of a keto diet;

Aids in weight loss



The ketogenic diet may assist in shedding excess weight through increasing metabolism and controlling appetite.

The keto diet allows foods that may decrease the hunger-stimulating hormone, and a person always feels filled up. 

The studies illustrate that low carbs diet restricts the calories and helps to eliminate excess water from the body, which ultimately leads to the rapid weight loss and retention of muscle mass.

 Controls blood sugar level



Another primary benefit of the keto diet is its ability to maintain blood sugar and insulin level. So the people suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2 must follow this diet.

Carbohydrates are the macronutrients that cause the buildup of blood sugar level. However, the keto diet is low in carbs, reducing the increase in blood sugar. 

This strong reduction in the glucose level minimises the reliance on diabetic insulin injections.

Drastically drops high Triglycerides level


Triglycerides are the fat subunit molecules that freely circulates in the bloodstream. It is a known fact that high triglycerides are associated with the development of strong heart diseases. 

One of the main reason for a high level of triglycerides in sedentary people is carbs intake. However, when people limit carbs consumption, they tend to burn fat reserves for energy and experience a drastic reduction in triglycerides level in the bloodstream. 

Contrary to this, a low-fat diet increases triglycerides.

Improves the cholesterol levels



Another risk factor for heart health is LDL (bad) cholesterol. The negative signs associated with the LDL (bad) cholesterol are the accumulation of fats or narrowing down of the arteries, which cause atherosclerosis and worsen heart health.

The ketogenic diet improves blood cholesterol levels. It lowers the LDL cholesterol levels and raises healthy HDL cholesterol levels. How to determine the rise in good cholesterol? Just measure the ratio of total cholesterol to healthy (HDL) cholesterol and you can find out the HDL cholesterol level.

Stops acne breakouts


Carbohydrates have also been associated with skin conditions, so reducing their consumption may improve the skin condition. High carbs intake increases the insulin level that triggers the hormones that bring on acne outbreaks. So keto diet drops the insulin level and stops the breakouts.

Prevents polycystic Ovary Syndrome



The polycystic ovary syndrome develops when the women's ovaries enlarge and form fluid-filled small sacs, which gather around the eggs. The main reason for this disease is the high level of insulin. Keto diet, together with exercise, lowers the insulin amount in the bloodstream and help you to overcome PCOS.

Final Verdict

The potential health benefits of the keto diet are quite impressive. It is considered to treat several problems related to the nervous system or metabolic health. 

The ketogenic diet severely restricts your dietary approach to carbohydrates; and you can only consume the diet that consists of fibrous, nutrient-dense carbs like fruits and vegetables. 

Alongside one can also consider taking healthful fats and nutritious proteins.

Nonetheless, this diet not only cures your present health conditions but also prevents the occurrence of diseases in the future. If you are yet curious to improve your health, click here, as the video is worth watching. It promises you to provide immense health benefits.

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